Legal policy against professional self-governments. Towards a model of reflexive law making (2016-2021)

I was main investigator in the project while Paweł Skuczyńhski was the PI. The project studied the involvement of professional self-governments in policy making in Poland from the perspective of social constitutionalism.

The research was sponsored by Polish National Science Centre, UMO-2015/19/B/HS5/00132. Funding: 262,980 PLN (ca. 60,000 EUR)

Results where I was involved:
Muszyński, K., Skuczyński, P. (2023). Constitutional Drift - Exploring the Deeper Roots of Polish Constitutional Crisis, iCourts Working Paper Series, no. 328

Muszyński, K., Skuczyński, P. (2020) Rozwój i kryzys konstytucji społecznej. Przypadek samorządów zawodowych. Warszawa: CH Beck [book]

Muszyński, K., Skuczyński, P. (2020) Changing Legal and Social Role of Professional Self-Governments During Systemic Transformation in Poland, Krytyka Prawa 12(1), 149-173.